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Stone Masons in Milwaukee

One of the oldest, most durable and maintenance-free building products known to man is stone. There is an endless variety of stone types, styles and setting techniques, which can be used to create the project of your needs and dreams.

To have your dream project come to life, a stonemason will take rough pieces of rock or stone and shape them to fit the design that will correctly suit the project. These projects can include walkways, masonry fireplaces, stone veneers, gas fireplace faces, patios, sidewalks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, and many more. With every project comes a great amount of attention to detail. Each stone that is used in our work has an important part in keeping everything together to create a functional and beautiful piece of art for our clients.

Once you have your dream stone walkway, patio or fireplace, maintaining it to prevent damage can be difficult at times. Over time stone projects, especially those that were improperly installed, can start to become weaker, causing chipping, cracking and movement due to weather and other natural and unnatural factors. Vortex Restoration has worked on many restoration projects that have dealt with these unfortunate matters. After examining the problem and planning the right solution to handle the types of damage, we will get to work to help your stone project relive its beauty once more.

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Vortex Restoration - Master Masons

Vortex Restoration has worked on a wide range of stone projects, such as stone walkways, large and small masonry fireplaces, stone veneers, gas fireplace faces, patios and sidewalks, outdoor kitchens, fire pits, signs, kitchen hoods, interior columns, bar fronts, waterfalls, hand-carved fireplaces, seating and privacy walls, storefronts, and whole house veneers. We've used stones as heavy as 1500 pounds in fireplaces and set 1700 pound hearthstones in ways that they appear to have no support. We have also renovated historic stone bridges and buildings.

Deciding on a stone project for your home has many benefits. Choosing the right stone for your outdoor project can enhance the colors around your yard and also blend well with all the natural elements around your home. With the type of project you are looking for, a stone design will help give your home an elegant and professional look. The texture, color and shape of each stone is eye catching and will leave your guests speechless. Stone can range from indigenous (locally handpicked & mined) to stones imported from foreign countries. Vortex Restoration has used stone from quarries in Montana, Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Indiana. We have also worked with stone imported from Canada, Mexico, and Italy.


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