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Vortex Restoration is a masonry systems specialist with expertise in everything masonry-related, including brick, stone, block, vapor barrier, water repellents, insulation, and flashing. We work in a collaborative environment to provide solutions to construction challenges during the design and construction process and deliver a masonry wall system that stands the test of time.

Having masonry work, either within your home or out, can help bring that natural feel to your home. Nothing brings you closer with earth’s natural elements than having a masonry project done by Vortex Restoration. The look and texture of stone can really compliment your style of your home. Not one stone is identical with another, giving your home a unique look that is unmatched anywhere. We have a variety of options to choose from for the materials used and we will help you pick a design/pattern with that material that best compliments your taste. You may also request a certain style of design that could fit attachments, such as grills, shelves, fireplace mantels, etc. Browse our various masonry galleries to view some of our stone projects that fit extra attachments.

For over 25 years, we’ve built our reputation on values and a strong commitment to providing professional, safe, and quality masonry services to our clientele. Our commitment to you is far more than professional: it’s personal. Vortex Restoration makes every effort to understand your goals, so we can meet your needs without disruptions and provide a finished project that exceeds your expectations.

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Quality Chimney Repair and Masonry Services

At Vortex Restoration, we are constantly striving to save our customers money, increase our productivity, and provide the highest quality materials and workmanship. Our methods continue to evolve with new technology, which means better quality of work and materials. The quality of work on our masonry, chimney, concrete, and restoration projects cannot be topped by any other contractor in Southeastern Wisconsin or Northeastern Illinois. Vortex Restoration stands alone as the best masonry contractor, serving the Milwaukee, Kenosha, and North Chicago areas.

You deserve to have quality masonry work that fits your style and compliments your home. We strongly believe in delivering the beautiful stonework that our clients are envisioning. Our professional team will personally work with you to capture your ideas and develop a plan that best suits each project. Have your vision heard and come to life by our team at Vortex Restoration, who’s reputation is focused around our clients' satisfaction.

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