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Job Planning & Construction


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Some of the most successful masonry projects we have worked on started with our involvement before the drawings were complete. By collaborating with the architect, general contractor and owner, we are able to find creative, cost-effective solutions for even the most challenging of projects. When budgets and schedules are tight, we are able to make an impact without affecting the final intent of the design. Our services during pre-construction include design assistance, constructability analysis, budget estimating, budget management, cost-benefit analysis, and schedule building. These services will ensure you receive comfort and reliability during the whole process, from start to finish.

Construction today relies heavily on digital technology to meet the demands of time and accuracy. Our 3D estimating software has the ability to extract object properties and generate automatic quantities to allow us to bid projects more accurately and efficiently. Our experienced foremen are then able to see what an area or building is going to look like before the first brick is even placed to eliminate possible costly mistakes. With this method, we are also able to properly plan out every step that needs to be taken, pack every tool that is required, and strategize in advance to effectively execute each phase of the construction process. We will provide drawings and detail reviews, impartial materials selection recommendations, as well as specialized trades referrals. This collaboration will lead to a successful masonry project without budget surprises or last minute issues with the design. With Vortex Restoration, we eliminate any skeptical thinking and ensure you a final project designed the way we initially planned out with you.


Construction Project in Kenosha

Vortex has been known for its quality and professionalism in the field for many years. By focusing on the end date and offering close, cooperative coordination with the other trades on-site, we can work with even the most aggressive of schedules. We understand that everyday life requires people to meet certain obligations at a certain time and we want to make our responsibilities suitable with your schedule and demands. All of this is accomplished through excellent communication, experience and the desire to succeed as a team. Paramount to smooth field operations is our focus on safety. Vortex uses the most proactive training and communication tools to ensure a safe site on every project. Each project is fully reviewed and planned before starting to ensure budgets are achievable and the drawings and designs are constructible. Our team of expert masons have years of experience with various masonry projects to ensure a high-quality finished product. We also work with reliable companies that provide some of the best materials that not only we approve for our clients, but our clients approve for their home or office as well. To ensure complete satisfaction, we will provide you samples of the materials that will be used for the build. No matter the style, texture, or shape you are envisioning, our highly experienced masonry professionals will bring it to life!

If you are ready to bring your vision to life to personalize your home or building in the Racine, Kenosha or Milwaukee counties, contact our office today. You will receive a free quote, as well as answers to any questions you may have. Want more information about Vortex Restoration? Give us a call!

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