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Chimney Maintenance

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When you choose Vortex Restoration for your professional chimney maintenance, you're making the best choice! 

Brick and mortar are a reliable, durable material, so these are the materials most chimneys are made out of. The durability of brick is due in part to the fact that it is porous, but this same porosity leaves it vulnerable to water damage over time. Water and rapid temperature changes are the most frequent contributors to chimney decay. To prevent chimney decay and structural weakness, it is vital to have your chimney inspected in its entirety on a regular basis by a masonry professional, such as Vortex Restoration.

If your chimney's preventative maintenance is not kept up on, unrepairable damage may be done to your fireplace and/or chimney system. In cases such as this, complete chimney rebuilds may become necessary for the safety of your home and property. Expensive rebuilds and fixes can be avoided with chimney maintenance from Vortex Restoration!


Some of the most common causes of chimney damage are:

  • Water damage
  • Poor design/Improper installation
  • Age
  • Drastic temperature change
  • Improper seal on chimney crown

Vortex Restoration is skilled at fixing all the chimney issues listed above and many more. Need help with chimney repair, stone work, concrete or more?  Contact us today!


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