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Do You Need Chimney Repairs or Updates?

Older homes are beautiful. They have charm, intricate woodwork, and architectural design that you don't see in modern homes. They also have repairs and updates that need tending to. Due to the long, sometimes harsh winters in the midwest, a major focus for these repairs is the fireplace and chimney. A few ways to know if your chimney needs to be tended to are:

You smell smoke: If you smell smoke, exceeding what is normal when you are using your fireplace, you should extinguish the fire immediately. It is also recommended to call 911 and have the fire department check for any danger, just to be safe. 

Cracked Fireplace Liner

Crumbling or falling debris: If you begin to notice excessive black soot beginning to accumulate, this may be a sign that creosote (thick, oily liquid that is easily flammable) is building up. If you find broken tiles, or pieces of what appear to be a pot, this is another cause for worry. Many older homes built with a masonry fireplace have terra cotta chimney liners; if you begin to find these remnants, it is a major indicator that the liner has been damaged. This damage may be due to a chimney fire and should be immediately looked at.

Cracked Fireplace Masonry

Noticeable cracking & settling of bricks or stone: Have you noticed any bricks or stones looking out of place or gaps between bricks or stonework? This is another major indication that repairs are needed. Small gaps can lead to major, devastating fires and can lead to further structural damage to the masonry.

Blistering Paint Damage

Differences or changes in your wall: These differences may come from escaping heat due to cracked and damaged masonry or a flawed liner. This heat can cause the wood framing to become dry and charred, which could lead to the possibility of it lighting on fire. A way to know if your drywall has previously had heat damage and may have softened is peeling or bubbling paint. 

If you notice these or any any other changes in your walls, brick/stone work or hearth, be sure to contact us today to keep you, your family and belongings safe!

Fireplace Restoration Work
Cracked Terra Cotta Fireplace Liner
Cracked Fireplace Hearth
Blistering Paint Due to Heat