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Tips from Vortex Restoration

Tips, tricks of the trade, and seasonal updates from Vortex Restoration.

A chimney cracking due to weather over years. Vortex can fix your cracked chimney!

Do you have cracks in your chimney? Chimney damage and chimney cracks aren't something that can be ...

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fireplace with large crack, fireplace has cracks

My Fireplace Has Cracks! The safest thing you can do if you've noticed cracks in your fireplace is ...

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cold masonry tips, masonry cold weather, kenosha

Helpful Tips for Cold Weather Masonry When the ambient temperature around an in-progress masonry ...

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masonry construction, brick basement, local basement mason

New Masonry Construction Vortex Restoration is a master at restoring existing masonry, and they are ...

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tuckpointing, what is tuckpointing, professional tuckpointing, pointing, repointing

What is Tuckpointing? Due to time and weathering, chimneys and any other brickwork exposed to the ...

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chimney inspection, inspect chimney, professional chimney inspection

Chimney Inspection Vortex Restoration is your local, professional chimney inspector. Over time and ...

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concrete professionals, local concrete work, concrete contractors

Concrete Professionals In addition to our masonry expertise, Vortex Restoration is also masterful ...

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masonry restoration, brick restoration, chimney repair

Masonry Restoration Vortex Restoration is adept at nearly every type of contracting job, but above ...

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deck building, deck repairs, build a deck

Deck Building and Repairs Vortex Restoration has vast experience with all types of deck repair and ...

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basement repair, basement updates, local basement contractor

Basement Repair and Updates Whether you'd like to finish your basement or merely repair it, Vortex ...

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